Wolves of Creation.

Chapter 2: The Silver Coin

Code of the Wolf (9/13):

”Explore the unknown. ” ~ Rafhael Vieira


Blake Larson.

Wolf of mortality, divination, and necromancy.

Go, henceforth, and connect with your pack. Your brothers and sisters, your companions for life.

The Creation and your parents are in dire need of your help. ”

3:27 AM

Ive been pacing up and down my room for about an hour now. I tried going back to sleep after hearing the ”message ”—can I even call it that?—for the first time. After I calmed myself down and convinced myself that the voice was merely a figment of my imagination, my eyelids began to feel heavier and I was able to fall back into another peaceful slumber. After all, I can see spirits—if Im not just a little crazy that in itself would be alarming.

I was asleep for about thirty minutes again, before I hear the voice utter the same message. Clear as a night sky, and as surprising as a sudden storm in the middle of a vast sea. I take a notepad from one of my drawers that I used to write song lyrics in a long time ago, and wrote the ”message ” down word for word. What could it mean? And why was I the one receiving it?

Blake Larson.

How did it, or they, know my name? Was someone sending the message, or was my mind transmitting it through me in a way? As if seeing dead people wasn enough, now the universe had to add this! They should just lock me up somewhere, and throw away the key. They should put me in an asylum, away from everything and everyone. At least then maybe Ill be able to recover the mind Ive lost. It wasn easy growing up different—it made my mind conditioned to believe I will always be an outcast. That no matter where I end up, Ill never truly belong.

Wolf of mortality, divination, and necromancy.

This part was the most confusing. This is the part that is making me want to pull my hair out and scream at the top of my lungs for the universe to give me an answer to this impossible situation. Lets push the wolf part to the side for a sec, okay? Necromancy. Necromancy. One of the words that I can stop repeating in my head. Meaning ”to be able to communicate with the dead. ” Well, I see dead people! I can talk to them. Feel their presence. Read their emotions, and many other things. Ive never set a term to it, because I never thought it was anything Google had an answer to.

If I can perform ”necromancy, ” what did I have to do with the other two things? Mortality and divination. Do I have special abilities concerning those as well? Is seeing spirits considered one of those abilities? My mind is about to implode on itself. My heart feels as if it will leap out of my body at any second. My body is drenched in sweat and Im shaking. Not shaking because I am terrified like earlier today with that spirit, but because I can control it. My own body doesn even know how to take the news, as if shaking involuntarily and not on its own accord. What do I have to do with death and what can I foresee? Do I even have these abilities to begin with?

Wolf. That part I found myself laughing at. The fact that me, a perfectly functional human, well almost functioning, could be some sort of animal. There is no way that thats possible. Im not as interested in science as I am in history, but Im sure theres some law out there that says that a human turning into some animal of the night can never be done, much less be possible. There have been legends of course, but thats purely fiction. Besides, it defies all common sense! I run a hand down my face, then pinch the bridge of my nose in an effort to get my mind to stop racing and my heart from beating out of my chest. I would scream at the top of my lungs right now if my dad wasn sleeping two doors over. I am desperate for some sort of release.

Go, henceforth, and connect with your pack. Your brothers and sisters, your companions for life.

The Creation and your parents are in dire need of your help. ”

I assume the pack is a part of the whole wolf thing that I don buy in the slightest. As for brothers and sisters, I am adopted. So even if I do have any, I wouldn know. Ive never asked my dad for that information and I don even know if he has it. He found me under a tree. By myself. In a cemetery. My ”real ” family clearly abandoned me and wanted nothing to do with me. So if they were the same parents that needed my help, they could go screw themselves. My dad, even though we have our differences, is my real family. He can sometimes get on my nerves, but he has never once abandoned me and for that I will always be grateful to him.

As I make my way to put my notepad back in the drawer it came from, a shiny gleam catches my eye. On top of the dresser is an object I know Ive seen before, but can quite place where that was. On top of the aging and scratched wood, lay a coin. A silver coin. With a weird engraving and an animal etched into the metal. The spirit woman! She had dropped it earlier today. But it was gone when she vanished. What is it doing here in my room?

Just then another memory came to back to me. She had told me earlier to listen to the whispers in my dreams. Could she have been referring to the ”message? ” Had she sent it? I check the clock again. 4:58 AM. I pull on some sweatpants over the shorts I had worn to bed, and pull a sweatshirt over my head with the schools logo on it. If clothes were not comfortable, I would not wear them. I rarely am seen with tight pants or heels, that just isn me. I grab my phone from off the charger, then swipe the coin from the dresser, and go to my window. I jump out of it without hesitation, landing on my feet with perfect form after sneaking out to go to the cemetery or to hang out with Emerson so many times. I take one last look behind me, before going on a search for the spirit that resembled a tree. I need answers, and I need them now.


I drag my fork around the dish of cold pasta from the schools cafeteria. My mind is a million miles away from here. I separate the peas from the noodles, and make random shapes with them. My hand is moving almost unconsciously and my mind feels hazy as if only clouds and air filled my skull, and my rustling thoughts were the only things keeping me from floating away.

Blake isn here. I know she is still at school because of the location app I had both of us download on our phones a couple of years ago. She started sneaking off to go to the cemetery years ago, and its become a habit of hers now. Sometimes she just walks the streets of the city at night, and I always find myself wondering whats going on in her head. She would always worry me when shed be gone for hours and I didn know where she was—so we compromised on the app. She has it on her phone too, just in case I feel like taking off one day and running away. I used to think about doing that all the time, until I met River and he changed me for the better.

Im pulled out of my trance by a hand snapping in front of my face, and waving frantically trying to catch my attention. I blink a few times trying to clear away the fogginess. I have a tendency to blank out at the most random of times. Sometimes I can get out of my own head, and my thoughts begin racing, and I find myself trying to organize them so much, that I get lost in them.

Blake is avoiding me after our altercation in the hallway earlier today. The whole situation is very strange, and I hate things I can control. I don like feeling helpless, like there isn anything I can do. I know shell try and drive herself mad, figuring out who—or what could have caused this. Shes too analytical for her own good. For now, Im going to push it all far down, and focus on my beautiful boyfriend in front of me.

”Hellloooo?? Is there anyone in there? ” River said, gently knocking on my skull. I roll my eyes, and chuckle as he drags the joke further along by pretending to scrunch his face up in confusion, as if trying to figure out if my skull is actually empty.

”Haha, very funny. ” I mumble, but can help it as a ghost of a smile falls on my face, as my lips involuntarily twitch upwards.

He always manages to bring me back.

He takes one of my hands in his under the table, and uses his thumb to draw circles into the back of my palm, knowing his touch always calms me down. And it does, as I take a deep breath and try to forget all that happened this morning. But I can . I can help but feel as if something bigger than myself, bigger than anything Ive ever experienced, is trying to tell me something. I can just ignore that. His touch doesn send jolting and piercing shocks through my body like I had felt this morning with Blake. But there is definitely a spark there though. I can feel it. Call me cheesy or whatever, but his touch always makes me feel warm all over like a blanket wrapping around me, and I can help but feel drawn to him.

”Did something happen between you and Blake? ” He asked, a concerned expression on his face. He knows personally how close Blake and I are, and how we rarely fought or were apart, unless him and I were spending time alone.

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