Chapter 10 — The relationship between the two people wasn’t good, so he had to carry the pot on his back? Wth?! 

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There were many higher-ups at the corporation who supplied information to the Venerated Sir Jiang.
As a result, when Su Yan arrived at the Jiang Clan corporation, everyone in the Jiang Ancestral House knew within minutes that Su Yan had brought a meal for Jiang Jingchuan.  


Venerated Sir Jiang and Venerable Madam Jiang were extremely fond of Su Yan.
From the very beginning, they were completely supportive of this unequal marriage.
Even if Su Yan’s appearance was extremely outstanding, in the end, it all boiled down to the family’s financial circumstances– which were not as good compared to the Jiang family.
It was said that Venerated Sir Su had once saved Venerated Sir Jiang and the latter, for the sake of reciprocating his help, supported the marriage.  Anyone with a discerning eye knew that the future of the Jiang Family was Jiang Jingchuan; and, even if one wanted to repay a favour, one wouldn’t go so far as to let such an heir enter the corporation. 


Under the Grape vines of the Jiang Ancestral Home, two grandparents were sitting comfortably on the rattan chair as they talked.


“I can finally put down my pile of worries.
Xiao Chuan’s1relationship with Xiao Yan is good; one need not worry in the future.” Venerated Madam Jiang said ruefully: “Xiao Yan’s disposition is no doubt a bit cold, but that child’s heart is kind.
The Su Family’s bearing is also upright.
Old man, let me tell you, I have truly hurt Xiao Yan.” 


After saying that, Venerated Madam Jiang was choked with sobs.


Venerated Sir Jiang vigilantly gave a quick glance around.
After finding out that there were no people, his brows loosened, “Don’t say that.  When you will be carefully guiding Xiao Yan, I will also beat up Xiao Chuan.
Though this child’s intentions are good, the recent rumours are getting more and more terrible.
Let Shaoyan keep tabs on it for a few days in case there is a new development; then it will be dealt with neatly without losing any time.”


“Don’t you know Xiao Chuan’s nature? He is not that kind of person.” With regards to the moral character of her grandson, Venerated Madam Jiang was extremely clear. 


Standing in front of the gates of the Jiang Ancestral Mansion, Su Yan became even more certain that the Jiang family was wealthy.
This residence looked rather aged and, though it could not hold a candle to the shining villa, it gave off a sense that it possessed a dignified history.
Just by standing outside the residence, one could not help but look up to it respectfully.
After she and Jiang Jingchuan walked through a rather long corridor, they quickly arrived at the entrance.
Two middle-aged women came running over so fast it was if they were flying, and without saying anything, took things over. 


Walking into the hall, one could smell a light fragrance: it was not sandalwood, yet it greatly calmed the mind.
At this moment a woman possessing a graceful bearing, her hair twisted into a bun and clothed in a cheongsam, was stepping down the staircase.
In her previous life, Su Yan had seen many beautiful women in the Imperial Palace.
To be allowed to wait upon His Majesty, one naturally had to be beautiful.
It seemed as if the years had never left a trace on her beauty yet Su Yan was not stunned. 

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Jiang Jingchuan took the lead to step forward and support the beautiful woman by giving his hand, and said: “Ma.” 


Some people had said that with Jiang Jingchuan’s appearance he could easily enter the entertainment circle and become famous.
It was not even a bit inferior to the Nation’s so-called Male Gods.
Such good looks were extremely rare in a wealthy, prominent, and influential family.
All of this can be credited to the formidable gene of Mother Jiang.
If Jiang Jingchuan looked like his father, it wouldn’t be surprising if he turned out to be ordinary.  


Su Yan also followed suit, “Mother.”


Mother Jiang looked curiously at Su Yan.
When she sensed that Su Yan was also staring at her, she couldn’t help but give an amused laugh, “Xiao Yan looks even more beautiful.”


Since she was still not clear of these people’s dispositions, Su Yan would not blindly latch on to any thigh.
As a result she did not say anything, merely laughing shyly.


“Where are Grandpa and Grandma?” Jiang Jingchuan asked.


The middle-aged woman beside Mother Jiang answered: “Venerated Sir and Venerated Madam have gone to take a walk in the back.
They have already been notified.”


“You go and call Grandfather and Grandmother to come and eat.”  Mother Jiang pushed Jiang Jingchuan forward. 





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Very quickly the only ones left in the hall were Mother Jiang and Su Yan.
After a short moment of silence, Mother Jiang suddenly said: “Xiao Yan, in your and Xiao Chaun’s marriage we did not ask for your views; therefore, in the future, I will do my best to fulfil your wish no matter what kind of decision you make.” 


Su Yan did not know what to say and also did not want to blindly answer without knowing the circumstances, so she nodded hesitantly.


“When I first married Xiao Chuan’s father, I couldn’t get along with him while living together: we were poles apart and even now I am slowly adapting.
Without a doubt, I am not telling you to compromise, because I also won’t compromise.
In short, it is highly important for a person to understand what they want.”  


Looking at Su Yan made Mother Jiang remember those days when she was in an unfavourable situation.
Strictly speaking, her family wasn’t as good as Su Family– it was an extremely ordinary household.
Unable to endure Father Jiang’s continuous courtship and muddleheaded, she entered into marriage with him.  Although among them there was no lack of people with greedy hearts and bad intentions; but, even in the midst of that bind, Mother Jiang still possessed affection for Father Jiang.
Looking at Su Yan now, despite the fact that she was also against her son’s marriage– she couldn’t make heads or tails out of it–  she sympathised and felt a tenderness towards this little girl in her heart. 


Su Yan absolutely agreed with the words of Mother Jiang.
That was exactly the way it was.
In this world, there are too few people who realize what they want.
She could be counted as one of them.
When she was in the Imperial Palace, she wanted the Supreme position.
She did not want to let other people control her life and death, she wanted to control other people instead.
Presently, she wanted to live a comfortable life: desiring to live peacefully, securely, and completely unrestrained.
Living in the Imperial Palace was like treading on thin ice, yet she still obtained what she desired.
Since the present situation was a lot better than those times, it was even more essential to achieve what one desires. 


Soon Venerated Sir Jiang and Venerated Madam Jiang returned.
After some greetings, they were seated for dinner.


Su Yan sat beside Jiang Jingchuan.
Venerated Madam Jiang was looking lovingly at Su Yan.
She said to the middle-aged woman beside her: “Set the Kung Pao chicken in front of Xiao Yan.
She likes to eat this.” 


Father Jiang and Mother Jiang could easily keep their calm in these sort of unexpected situations.
Due to how Venerated Sir Jiang and Venerated Madam Jiang treated Su Yan, even if her and Jiang Jingchuan’s relationship wasn’t good, those relatives in the branch families of the Jiang Family didn’t dare to look down on Su Yan even an iota. 


Su Yan had some doubts but did not dare reveal them.
After the meal, Su Yan’s doubt and confusion deepened because the two elderly people treated her very kindly.
Before the meal, Su Yan thought that she had a general understanding of the original body’s family circumstances which did not go beyond Jiang Family.
Mother Jiang treated her in a normal manner, neither too intimate nor too distant, just right.
While looking at the kind contours of Venerated Madam Jiang’s face, Su Yan thought, the original body ought not be able to brush up the favourable impression held by these two elderly people daily, right?


As far as she was concerned, it was extremely good news for Su Yan.
If this was inside the Imperial Palace, Jiang Jingchuan would be His Majesty and Venerated Madam would be the Empress Dowager.
Mother Jiang and Father Jiang were neglected by Su Yan. 


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The favourable impression of His Majesty could be brushed aside to an extent, but the favourable impression of the Empress Dowager could not be allowed to drop.
Now she must balance accordingly and collect a big gain because she had already embraced this thigh before.


After eating, Venerated Madam brought Su Yan out to take a stroll with her.
Walking on the cobblestone paved path, Su Yan supported the Venerated Madam with her hand as they walked along leisurely.
Venerated Madam inclined her head sideways to look at Su Yan with eyes filled with love.
She asked: “Xiao Yan, how is your relationship with Xiao Chuan now?” 


Su Yan hung her head and said in a small voice: “Very good.”


She could only speak this much.
It would be not good to say something about matters she had not experienced.
The more one speaks, the more errors one would make.


The Venerated Madam patted her hand in relief and sighed: “Grandmother hopes that you will have a good home to return to.
Xiao Chuan is a suitable person.
Though he doesn’t speak very much, that child is good and responsible.
He will make you happy.”


Su Yan felt that the words of the Venerated Madam were especially strange.
No matter how much of a good impression she built up, she was no more than a granddaughter-in-law.
How come the inner and outer meanings of the words the Venerated Madam said were not in harmony.
It seemed…it seemed from the words of the Venerated Madam that her happiness was a bit more important?




In the Imperial Palace, no matter how much the Empress Dowager was fond of her, she would always be more concerned about His Majesty.
What was happening now?


The Venerated Madam noticed that Su Yan didn’t utter a sound but wasn’t offended.
She was aware that Su Yan’s nature was such, and again said to her: “Grandmother assures you that the only possible heir of the Jiang family would be your and Xiao Chuan’s child.
Xiao Yan, do you understand grandmother’s meaning?”


Naturally, she understood that as long as she gives birth to a child, that child would be the next head of the Jiang Family.


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Su Yan slowly nodded.
She somehow felt that the words of the Venerated Madam were familiar.
Her mind was quickly turning and at last, she finally recalled.
Previously His Majesty had also said similar words: he said that the crown prince would only be the child of His Majesty and herself.


At the same time, Jiang Jingchuan was being educated by the Venerated Sir Jiang.


“Since you have married Xiao Yan, you should treat her better.
You should stop touching those outside women.” The Venerated Sir and Jiang Jingchuan were sitting across from each other playing Go.
Placing the white piece firmly, the Venerated Sir calmly gave out instructions. 


Jiang Jingchuan was a bit puzzled and also felt aggrieved.
Where did he have any outside women? Every day he was busy enough with the matters of the Corporation, so his heart felt even more wronged.
Jiang Jingchuan didn’t forget to place his piece.
He decided to not refute and endured the grievance by nodding his head.
“I understand.”


Who said he had already settled down? How could he have the face to pour out his grievances in front of his grandpa?


The Venerated Sir obviously didn’t plan to let Jiang Jingchuan slip by.
He glanced around before continuing: “From which angle is Xiao Yan not good? She possesses a one in a million appearance and character.
She is the most suitable person.
Now you tell me, why on earth can’t she catch your eye?”


Jiang Jingchuan felt that he couldn’t endure anymore so he said: “I didn’t say she was not good.
Grandpa, please put your mind at ease.
In the future I and Xiao Yan will get along well with each other.”


He never said that Su Yan was no good from the beginning till the end, did he? The relationship between the two people wasn’t good, so he had to carry the pot2on his back? Wth3?! 


The Venerated Sir humph-ed, “It would be best if you think this way.
Xiao Yan is mine and your grandma’s granddaughter-in-law.
You need to treat her well.
At this rate, I will certainly not be fortunate enough to see the future young heir of the Jiang Family grow up; but you will at least let me and your grandma see the birth of the child, right?”  


Jiang Jingchaun’s fingers tightened on the Go piece but did not say anything in the end.


He really didn’t want to carry this pot4on his back any longer.

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