Chapter 21: Part 3 — Emotions are the most powerful weapons.

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After having breakfast, Su Yan went to take a nap.
Auntie Wang knew that she was tired, hence didn’t call her to eat.
It was already afternoon by the time Su Yan woke up.
She sat up on the bed in a daze.
The discomfort in her body had relieved a lot.
Just when she intended to get off the bed to go downstairs for lunch, the cell phone kept on the bedside table began to sing again.
Ringing continuously.


No matter who was calling, Su Yan didn’t want to answer it.


She picked up the phone and looked at it.
The caller id displayed on the screen – Peiran.


Of course it would be Shen Peiran.
She wanted to hit the phone.
Su Yan was irritated; not because of Shen Peiran, rather because she felt like ignoring and escaping the people who wanted to meet her.
Unfortunately, she had no choice. 


This wasn’t someone else, it was the person whom the original body loved.
No matter what she did, it wouldn’t be appropriate.


Accept Shen Peiran’s love and continue to fall in love with him? Could she be together with him openly after divorcing Jiang Jingchuan? Apologies, she could not accept the original body’s love for Shen Peiran. 


Mercilessly harm Shen Peiran? It would be best to cruelly break his heart so that he would not look for her in the future.
Sigh, that felt neither honest nor kind.


After all, it was already a big advantage to occupy this dead body, to then harm the original body’s lover was not humane.


This was the most difficult matter currently.
Su Yan did not know how to deal with this, so she could only pretend to be dead.
When Shen Peiran’s call woke her up again, it gave her no choice but to face this issue.
Truly troublesome.


If Shen Peiran didn’t like the original body so much, then cruelly letting go would have been the best.
However, from yesterday’s situation, it was clearly not so. 


She promised Jiang Jingchuan that she would not meet Shen Peiran.
It wasn’t just a load of hot air. 

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Thinking so, Su Yan put the phone back inside the drawer and walked out of the bedroom without looking back.
The ringing became softer and softer till it finally quieted.


While eating lunch, Auntie Wang stood beside her and said happily: “Madam, Venerable Madame called just now and upon hearing that you are sleeping she didn’t allow me to call you.
Venerable Madam said that she was very happy, it seemed that last night went quite smoothly.” 


Su Yan nodded: “Auntie Wang, I will have to inconvenience you to prepare the car; I will go there later.
Oh, please call husband to say that the dinner would be eaten at the Ancestral Jiang Mansion.” 


Auntie Wang had looked at Su Yan in the morning; although she had a comfortable appearance, she couldn’t walk correctly.
She hesitated before asking: “Madam, is your body okay?”


It wasn’t urgent to hold the thigh for now, so it was important to take care of her body well.


Since Jiang Jingchuan wasn’t there, Su Yan felt that she didn’t need to bashful.
She took a sip of water and answered calmly: “Venerable Madame must be very concerned about last night.
Besides, I am very grateful to mother for the shoes she gifted me.
Mother and father must be thinking about husband as well.
We, the younger generation, must return home to eat together from time to time.”


In actuality, Su Yan didn’t want to move today and just wanted to lie down on the bed.
She could do that, but she would lose the chance to brush up the good impression of all the Jiang Family members. 


Needless to say, Venerable Sir and Venerable Madame would be very concerned about yesterday’s matter.
Perhaps they might have heard the situation from elsewhere but they would certainly like to hear from her and Jiang Jingchuan; grandparents were like this.


Wouldn’t Father Jiang and Mother Jiang be concerned about yesterday’s matter? It was possible.
She wasn’t only Jiang Jingchuan’s wife but was also Jiang Family’s daughter-in-law.
If her behaviour wasn’t good then it would be a blow to the Jiang Family’s face.


In short, whatever happened, she must go to the Ancestral Jiang Mansion today.
Venerable Madame had even made a phone call herself.


Auntie Wang became very excited upon hearing those words.
Madam had truly opened up and become a different person, even raised her IQ, “Yes, yes, yes.
I will immediately go and call Sir.”


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Just as Auntie Wang was about to call, she suddenly remembered something and turned to ask: “Madam, won’t you personally call?”


“No.” Su Yan smiled mysteriously.
“If husband asks then tell him that I am in the bath.”


It was precisely to let him know how fatigued she was.
And that even if she felt tired she would still go to the Ancestral Jiang Mansion to eat together with the grandparents.


Auntie Wang readily understood and hurried to the living room to make the call.


When Jiang Jingchuan received the call he was dazed for a while.
After listening to Auntie Wang’s words he pretended to ask casually: “How is my wife?”


Auntie Wang subconsciously looked towards the dining room and smiled: “Madam is taking a bath.
She said her body felt somewhat unwell.”



……Cough! Cough!


Jiang Jingchuan’s face looked somewhat unnatural.
After a few seconds of silence, he said in a worried tone: “If she is unwell, she doesn’t need to go.”


Who was Auntie Wang? She was Su Yan’s well-known team player! When she heard those words, she didn’t hesitate to answer: “I told the same thing to Madam but even then Madam insisted on going because Venerable Madame had personally called to ask.
She said that it must be because Venerable Madame was thinking about you both hence I couldn’t persuade Madam.”


Jiang Jingchuan didn’t say anything to those words and only told Auntie Wang to take good care of Su Yan before hanging up.


The office was quiet, but Jiang Jingchuan couldn’t get down to work.
He used to think that Su Yan was rather willful but he found out that Su Yan, was in fact, quite sensible.
In this marriage, it wasn’t only Su Yan who was indifferent but himself as well.
After marriage he had cancelled Honeymoon plans citing that he had no time.
To this day he had never properly accompanied her.
It wouldn’t harm to do so now.


After thinking that, Jiang Jingchuan dialed the internal line to his assistant.
Within seconds the assistant came in and stood respectfully awaiting the orders.

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“You go and reschedule at once.
Recently I have been working overtime; quickly clear my schedule for the next week to travel.”


 Although the assistant was very curious, he dared not ask anything.


After the assistant went out, Jiang Jingchuan opened his computer calendar to check it carefully. 


Next week was Su Yan’s maternal grandfather’s birthday party and after that his schedule should be free.
This evening, he would ask Su Yan where she would like to go for their Honeymoon.


After hanging up the phone, Auntie Wang narrated the whole conversation to Su Yan.


Su Yan was very pleased.
Jiang Jingchuan was a very attentive person.
The most important thing was that he was very tactful.
Although it wasn’t clear whether or not she had succeeded in brushing up his good impression, she believed that Jiang Jingchuan wouldn’t be indifferent to it. 


Auntie Wang began to subtly latch onto a thigh.
“Madam, Sir is truly good towards you.”


It wasn’t how beautiful a married woman was that flattered a married woman, the thing to compliment a married woman on was how her husband treated her. She would surely be happy. 


“Hm.” Su Yan merely smiled and didn’t say anything.


She believed that Jiang Jingchuan must have good opinion about her.
If she tried harder, the good opinion would turn into like, but it still wasn’t enough for her.


Su Yan once enjoyed the things brought on by the love of a man.
She knew how good it was.
Since she had already experienced the sweet taste she would not like to give up on it.


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She didn’t know she could be so selfish, but if that gave her the desired life then she would always want to be this selfish.


Emotions are the most powerful weapons.


If she couldn’t win this game of chess, why would she play it?


Attacking the mind is first, attacking the city is secondary.1


Su Yan remembered that Jiang Jingchuan had once mentioned a kind of sweet.
Looking at the happy Auntie Wang, Su Yan casually asked: “Auntie Wang, there is something I want to ask you.
I remember eating a kind of sweet in childhood.
It was soft, chewy and there was a doll with big eyes in the cover of the bag.
I long to taste it once again, but I can’t remember that sweet’s name.
Do you know?”


The sweet Jiang Jingchuan never forgot wouldn’t necessarily be delicious, but the memory must have been beautiful.
From his words, it had something to do with his maternal grandmother.
They must be warm and happy memories.
If she knew what kind of sweet that was then it would be very helpful in bringing up the good impression. 


Auntie Wang knew what Su Yan was talking about as soon as she heard, “Madam, are you talking about Wang Zi? My nephew2’s daughter loves that candy.
What’s the matter?”


It turned out to be Wang Zi.


Su Yan was very happy but she feigned calmness and said: “On the way to the Ancestral Mansion, take me to buy some.”


Auntie Wang chuckled.
Wasn’t Madam like a big child?


“Don’t tell anyone else.
Especially husband.”


At this point, Su Yan believed that Auntie Wang’s mouth was very tight.

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