Chapter 28: Part 1 ⁠— Jiang Jingchuan, who wasn’t very experienced, felt that this was the best form of love.

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Translator: Barb

Editor: Chiyo


Some people believe that even if Jiang Jingchuan didn’t have his position, solely based on his appearance, there would still be many women willing to date him.
It was the truth.
Since primary school, Jiang Jingchuan had been receiving love letters from girls.
Mother Jiang was quite far-sighted.
She felt that with Jiang Family’s prerequisite, father-in-law, and her husband’s stern education, there would be no problem in her son’s future.
Yet as a woman and as a mother, compared to her son’s career, she was more worried that her son would end up growing into a scum in such a family environment.

When Mother Jiang was young, she didn’t have too many pursuers.
Before encountering Father Jiang, she had met a scum male with a good family background and a superiority complex.
At first, Mother Jiang thought that she had found her true love.
Not long after they got together, she found out that other than her, that scum also had other girlfriends.
Since she had been previously cheated on,  when Mother Jiang ran into Father Jiang, she was reserved and observed him for a very long time before agreeing to get together.

After giving birth to Jiang Jingchuan, Mother Jiang suddenly became aware of the grave responsibility.
Since father-in-law and her husband were unlikely to instill theories in him regarding love between man and woman, she was worried that her son would end up becoming a scum male.
Therefore after finding out that there were many budding peach blossoms around him, she hastily started to brainwash her son diligently.

In a sense, Mother Jiang actually had obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Every mother felt that their children were perfect.
In mother Jiang’s eyes, her son was flawless, so she would not allow her son to have any stain on him.

Mother Jiang felt that even if a man succeeded in his career, if he wasn’t consistent with his feelings, then that man was still a scum.

So when Jiang Jingchuan’s feelings were yet to take shape within himself, mother Jiang told him, if you wished to date someone, you can, but you must bring her home to let mother check on her, then inform the other party’s parents to arrange for a meeting If she was suitable, then you will be engaged to each other when you grow up.
You must think it through clearly.
Once you bring her home, you have to be responsible for her.


Jiang Jingchuan, who was still a boy, was undoubtedly very frightened.
At that time, although he felt pleased with himself for receiving love letters from beautiful girls, it didn’t even occur to him to bring them home or possibly get engaged to them.
As a result, Jiang Jingchuan pretended to be blind and refused to look at the love letters.
After that, the girls who wrote love letters felt sad but then soon shifted their target of affection.

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Successful in preventing her son’s puppy love, Mother Jiang very gently and softly said to Jiang Jingchuan, Son, what mother loathes the most are half-hearted people.
Liking this today, then liking that tomorrow.
This kind of person is the most shameful.
Baby, I trust that you will not become the type of person mother loathes the most, right?

Jiang Jingchuan had nodded solemnly.
He wouldn’t become a shameful person, nor would he do anything shameful.

When Jiang Jingchuan reached the legal age of marriage, Mother Jiang intentionally sighed in front of her son.
As a filial son, he naturally wanted to relieve his mother of her worries.
After questioning repeatedly, Mother Jiang finally answered, after her best friend got married, she worked really hard day in and day out to take care of her family.
But unexpectedly, her husband cheated and was brazen enough to bring his lover home.
Her best friend was so furious that she wished she had a heart attack in a burst of anger.
Mother Jiang kneaded her temples and continued, when facing temptation if one succumbs to it then he simply cannot be called a man, but rather a dirty swine.
Son, when you have a wife, you must treat her very well, you must respect her, or else mother will never forgive you.

After such a long process, Jiang Jingchuan’s outlook on love and marriage was cultivated.

It was also because mother Jiang made use of every time and place to guide him.
In the past six months, even if Jiang Jingchuan’s relationship with Su Yan had turned colder, he wouldn’t have gone to find himself his true love.
Whether or not Su Yan was loyal, it was her business.
He could manage himself and could only control himself.

When Jiang Jingchuan returned home, Su Yan had just bathed and was sitting in front of the vanity and moisturising her skin.
Noticing him, she got up and said: “I thought you will be coming back late.”

Jiang Jingchuan didn’t look at that 18th generation young actress at all.
He only felt that her perfume mixed with tobacco was very revolting.
The light sweet fragrance of bath gel, which was emanating from Su Yan, felt extremely pleasant to smell.
Without thinking, he reached out and held her in his arms.
He slowly tightened his hold then sighed in content before saying: “It’s your fragrance.”

These words were too ambiguous.
Su Yan froze for a moment then quickly giggled as if nothing had happened.

Very soon, Jiang Jingchuan released Su Yan from his hold.
He caressed her cheek without saying anything.

“Oh, by the way, when I was shopping with Jingjing today, I bought a necktie for you.
Do you like it?” Su Yan quickly took out the present she bought for Jiang Jingchuan today.

When she was buying and buying, she was finally pricked by conscience and remembered Jiang Jingchuan.
After all, she was using his card, so she better bring him some small gifts.

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Although it was Jiang Jingchuan’s money, she carefully looked at Jiang Jingchuan’s expression.
He should be delighted.

Jiang Jingchuan’s mood in a split second turned pleasant, it wasn’t because of this gift but rather because it was from Su Yan.
She clearly cared about him.
Therefore, even while shopping, she was still thinking of him.

Due to this tie, Jiang Jingchuan’s spirit had risen to new heights.
After they finished doing vigorous exercise, he continued to hug her and refused to let go.
Content, he kissed the back of her neck before saying, “I have some regrets.”  

Su Yan was so tired that she almost fell asleep, but his words quickly frightened the sleepiness out of her.
She did not understand his words.

He tightened his embrace and spoke hoarsely: “I remembered that before going abroad, my paternal grandmother had said that she wanted to take me to your house to play, but that time, I randomly found a reason to put it off.
If I had known you earlier, everything might have been different.”

Now, Su Yan had practically satisfied all his yearnings for love and marriage.
She was beautiful, gentle, soft, even the childish temper she displayed sometimes was adorable.
She would wait for him to eat together, see him off in the morning, and fix his tie for him.
Jiang Jingchuan, who wasn’t very experienced, felt that this was the best form of love.

In the end, he still had some regrets.
He thought that if he had met her a bit earlier, perhaps, he might have fallen in love with her and then got married, undergoing the complete dating process like a normal person.

Su Yan heaved a sigh of relief.
She begged to differ from Jiang Jingchuan’s words.
If you did not like it, then it simply made no difference whether it was a bit early or a bit late.
If the original body was supposed to like Jiang Jingchuan then in the past 6 months, she would have already liked him.
The most important thing was, if he had truly fallen in love with Su Yan long ago, it would not have anything to do with her.

“I do not think so.” Su Yan, for some unknown reason, did not feel happy at all.
She snorted in low spirits before continuing: “Now is the best time.
Besides, when you were in junior high school, how old do you think I was? I was still studying in primary school.
Would you have liked a little girl?”

Jiang Jingchuan burst in laughter at her words.
Indeed, at that time, he wouldn’t have thought about that at all.
Even if he had seen Su Yan, he would have just regarded her as a younger sister.

How a person’s mind works is very complex.
If Jiang Jingchuan had seen her as a younger sister from the beginning, he would have found it very difficult to suddenly start seeing her as a woman.

Actually, Jiang Jingchuan himself knew the reason why he liked Su Yan.
The most significant prerequisite was that she was already his wife; therefore, he was interested and also had the patience to see all her good sides.
If Su Yan wasn’t his wife but a person he knew, then he would’ve still been fascinated by her but not so quickly.

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Jiang Jingchuan had a high awareness of his domain.
He could see only the people and matters in his domain, and those not in his range were non-existent to him.

What he could not see, he would leave it to fate.

Jiang Jingchuan could be said to be indifferent to the people who didn’t have much to do with him, regardless of their gender.
He only does what he should do by himself, and in no way would it give him any unnecessary concern.

His ex-girlfriend had also criticised him, saying that he wasn’t enthusiastic about her friends and classmates.
At that time, Jiang Jingchuan felt very helpless, did he know them? No.
Then why should he care about others? Why should he make people think he was warm-hearted? Was his warmth and care so cheap?

If you are in love with a person, you have to take over all aspects of her social circle and have to devote yourself to managing all those relationships.
If it was so, then he didn’t want to fall in love.

Marriage wasn’t the same.
Su Yan’s family had become his family.
He needed to care for them well.
As for Su Yan’s friends, she didn’t ask him to get along with them.

But now that he thought about it, Jiang Jingchuan decided to ask, “Don’t you need to introduce me to your friends and classmates?”

Su Yan felt that Jiang Jingchuan was baffling.
She herself did not know the original body’s friends and classmates okay, so how could she introduce him? Besides, was it necessary?

“Do you want to meet them?” Su Yan asked to be on the safe side.

Jiang Jingchuan hesitated a bit before shaking his head, “I can’t say that I want to meet, but if we run across them, then it would be better to tell me, I would be able to say hello at the least.”  

“That is enough.
What else do you need to think about?” Su Yan didn’t share the same thoughts.

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If the relationship between the original body and her friends and classmates was good and if they were also destined then she would manage those relations.
But it was not necessary to make Jiang Jingchuan know them one by one.

Jiang Jingchuan heaved a sigh of relief inwardly.
He wasn’t too skilled in dealing with strangers, of course, his identity also determined that he didn’t need to do so.
According to Jiang Jingchuan, it was better to spend time on important people rather than understanding many of the insignificant so-called friends.


After a few days, Su Yan’s maternal grandfather’s birthday banquet arrived.
Today, Jiang Jingchuan especially finished his work early and went with Su Yan to the Qin Household.

Qin Zeyu, as the eldest son, had already booked the largest private room at the best restaurant in the city.
Su Yan and Jiang Jingchuan as the granddaughter and the grandson-in-law, must go to the Qin Family home and greet the relatives and then, go to the restaurant together.

Today, Su Yan was wearing a pattern of light blue and ash coloured retro one-piece dress with a long flared skirt.
Thanks to her work and rest pattern these days, she had gotten pretty healthy.
With her rosy cheeks, she appeared to be very lively.
When she entered the Qin Residence side by side with Jiang Jingchuan, who was dressed in a western-style suit, the two families on noticing this view couldn’t refrain themselves from being indistinctly proud.
Even if the Jiang Family were wealthy and powerful, their family’s daughter also made a good match.

When Father Su and Mother Su saw their daughter, they couldn’t control their impulse to go and hug her, however upon noticing Jiang Jingchuan beside her, they endured.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that even though Su Family also had a sunzi[1], the heart and soul of the Su Family was Su Yan.
In the Qin Family also, although Su Yan was a granddaughter, Qin Zeyu who was the eldest grandson, also had to retreat several steps when coming across her.

Su Yan may be regarded as the pearl in the two families’ palm.

Grandpa Qin was delighted beyond measure upon seeing Su Yan and beckoned her to come closer.
Su Yan hesitated for a moment before walking to his side.
She was about to stand by his side when grandfather grabbed her hand.
The grandfather’s hand was somewhat rough yet warm.
He looked at his most beloved granddaughter then looked at his talented grandson-in-law and laughed, unable to contain his happiness.
He nodded, “Very good.
Grandpa is very happy to see you well.”

Qin Zeyu was actually very afraid of Jiang Jingchuan.
He eagerly walked over and greeted, “CEO Jiang.”

Jiang Jingchuan chuckled and shook his head, “Wrong, cousin.
Just call me by my name directly.” In the corporation, Qin Zeyu called him CEO Jiang.
This was outside, so naturally, he[2]should address Qin Zeyu as ‘cousin’.

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