Even after returning to the Jiang Corporation, Jiang Jingchuan still couldn’t calm down.

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He wasn’t too willing to remember the matter between Shen Peiran and Su Yan, especially after the feelings between him and Su Yan grew, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t see the issue between them both.

He was a businessman.
When confronted with Su Yan’s behavior in this time frame, he was already pondering on the reason why she changed so much.
It would be impossible to not contemplate it.

At times, as a bystander, he could see the problems clearer than those involved.
After talking with Shen Peiran, he found that Shen Peiran didn’t love Su Yan as much as he thought, he was still too young.
No one would understand how to love a person in the beginning, obviously Shen Peiran was still at that stage.

Like at times like this, the more connected to love it was, the easier it was to let go.

Shen Peiran had understood that if he kept pestering Su Yan like this, it would only hurt her.
But Jiang Jingchuan was thankful that Shen Peiran was not thoughtful and was full of youthful vigour and aggressiveness.
If Shen Peiran was gentle, thoughtful and a good lover then he would have felt anxious.

In Jiang Jingchuan’s mind, in a few aspects, the way he treated Su Yan was how one would treat a child, and the mistakes of children can be forgiven.
Besides, the relationship between Su Yan and Shen Peiran was not a mistake.
After all, before she was forced to marry, her relationship with Shen Peiran was quite deep.

Jiang Jingchuan demanded equal loyalty from a lover, but that loyalty was to be established when the 2 parties reached a consensus, on the prerequisite that the two people have feelings for each other.

Just like he didn’t ask Su Yan to love him before.
Now, from his heart and soul, he can implore her to do so because now he would also do the same.

As from what he had seen from Shen Peiran’s last expression, Jiang Jingchuan believed that Shen Peiran wouldn’t be stubborn anymore.
Thinking about that, Jiang Jingchuan finally felt comfortable.
All in all, if one’s wife mentioned another man’s name frequently, then one would really feel depressed.

He will not deny Shen Peiran’s existence, nor will he deny the feelings that existed between Shen Peiran and Su Yan, but from this moment onwards, in the domain of love in Su Yan’s world, only he can step foot inside.

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At this moment, Jiang Jingchuan’s phone vibrated, it was a WeChat notification.
He opened it to find that it was a message from Su Yan.

【The weather today is very good.
🙂 】

He lightly laughed while seriously replying to her message on WeChat.

Through her persistent efforts, Su Yan finally mastered how to exchange simple messages with a person.
During this period of time, she was very busy.
There was a TV drama to watch everyday, and a mobile phone to play with.
It could be said that in the future she would become addicted to the internet.

The original body’s Wechat profile had an adorable picture of a lop eared rabbit in police uniform with its head hung down.

After careful scheming, Jiang Jingchuan changed his profile picture to that of a fox.

I am free tomorrow.
Do you want to go for shopping and dinner? 】

Su Yan dearly loved this kind of life.
Every day, she could watch extremely interesting dramas.
And also enjoy chatting with people on the mobile phone.
Furthermore, in two days, she and Jiang Jingchuan would go on a trip to have fun.
She rolled back and forth  on the bed, holding the phone.
Then finally found the kiss expression in WeChat, and sent several of the kiss expressions to Jiang Jingchuan.

In the next second, Jiang Jingchuan’s reply came.

【I don’t want a virtual one.
I want the real ones.】

Real one? Real one!

Su Yan’s face burned red and she sent a heap of poo expression and didn’t reply to him anymore.

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While chatting with Qin Xuan, she sent a very exaggerated picture.
Su Yan did not know how to reply.
That picture was a bit…… really made a person unable to speak.


The picture was that of a person with an exaggerated facial expression.
She didn’t know what he was holding in his hand.
And below the picture it was written——Wrap a bundle of long spicy strips for Laozi(I, your father.)

At that time Su Yan didn’t know that there was a thing in the world called memes.

Su Yan’s reply was 100 percent innocent: “What is a long spicy stick? Do you want to eat it?”

Qin Xuan was attending class when this message came.
She almost burst out in laughter but suppressed it, her face turning red due to the pressure.
Her elder sister really choked her with this reply.


When there was nothing to say, or when you are choking so much that you don’t know what to say, send out a meme to alleviate the awkwardness.

Immediately afterwards, Su Yan received an image of a man with thick eyeliner,  and the words written below was——You have successfully managed to arouse my interest.


Su Yan really wanted to tell Qin Xuan to not send her these again, but then felt that it would be too impolite so she had no choice but to stop chatting with her.

Meanwhile, Shen Peiran returned to the company and went to the restroom to wash his face.
Looking at himself in the mirror, he saw his sorry state.
It was completely different from his energetic self 6 months ago.
How did he become like this?

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He had already contemplated a lot about many different matters.
There was no need to get overly involved.
Shen Peiran straightened his hair and drove his car to the Shen Family’s largest company.
Before he reached his father’s office, he saw his elder half-brother coming out.
The two brothers looked at each other and exchanged a polite smile on the outside but what their inner thoughts were, only they themselves knew.

Father Shen liked his younger son much more.
On seeing Shen Peiran coming in, he happily said: “Have you eaten? If you haven’t, let’s eat together.”

“Dad, I haven’t come here to ask you for lunch.
I have come to speak to you about my decision.” Shen Peiran’s expression was so serious that it made Father Shen dumbfounded.

“I want to go abroad in a few days to undertake advanced studies, therefore inconveniencing you now to help me solve the matters regarding the company.” Shen Peiran deeply bowed his head.

Yes, he was already clear on this.
Love and career are the same.
Now that he had already become Su Yan’s worry, he decided to let go.
He didn’t want to get too entangled.
He only wanted to start a new life for himself.

In this quarter of an hour, Shen Peiran had realized that, as it turns out, if you really loved a person, you would wish for her happiness even if the person who could give her happiness was no longer him.

He wouldn’t allow himself to stay because he couldn’t help but fear, anxious about the day when he would destroy her happiness due to his jealousy.
So he must stay far away from her and force himself to start a new life.

Father Shen was apprehensive.
He didn’t expect his son to say such words.
He was silent for a while before asking: “Half a year ago, I sent you abroad but it hadn’t even been a few months before you came running back home.
Is it serious this time?”


He knew his son all too well.
Previously he had quarreled and demanded to be sent abroad, frankly it was because he was wounded and wanted to get out to clear his thoughts.
However, if he stirred up any more trouble now, he would have to rethink handing over the Shen Family business to this son of his.

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Heroes also fall in love, however if because of these feelings he pushed away the important matters then he would be considered a Saint, not a Hero.

Shen Peiran nodded solemnly, “Dad, I am serious this time.
I hope you could give me 2 years to prove myself.”

Today was the first time he had confronted Jiang Jingchuan and suffered a crushing defeat, and he had accepted it wholeheartedly.
However, what convinced him to let go wasn’t Jiang Jingchuan’s wealth or power, rather it was that line——I don’t know if she had a good life before, but she will have a great life from now on.

That sentence was an oath.
More solemn than a mere I love you.

Although these words seemed simple, he found it hard to say them nor did he have any confidence to declare that.
If it was so, then why shouldn’t he let go?

In this life, the thing he regretted the most was letting her slip by, but in order to not have any regrets in the future, he must grow up.

Life was like this.
Loving and teasing a person.
Letting him meet that special person when one was at the most powerless stage or at the age when one doesn’t understand love, and making him want to protect that person throughout their life.
It was doomed to be a failure.

Yes, it was really true.
In this world, if another person can protect her, understand her, it was enough.


Father Shen thought about it for a while before smiling and nodding: “Okay, I will give you 2 years.
I hope you will not disappoint me again.”

After he left the large building, standing beneath the sun’s rays, he didn’t feel any warmth.
He raised his head but didn’t open his eyes due to the prickling sunlight.
He pulled out his phone intending to call Su Yan, but the moment he dialled her number, he quickly hung up.
It wouldn’t have any meaning, nor did he need to say goodbye.

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