At this point, the Su family could be described as an unprecedented concerted effort.

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Jiang was the daughter of their family, and the heir of the Jiang family will also be considered theirs.
As long as they figure this out, no one is stupid.


    Mama Su heard what Jiang Jingchuan said, and looked at Daddy Su, and both saw the relief in each other's eyes.
Even if he was just saying it, it was enough.


    “Jingchuan, it's good for you to have this in your heart.
If you have any difficulties, you must say it.
Your Father and I are here for you.” Mama Su changed her words, “Xiaoyan is still young, her temperament was spoiled by us, if she does something wrong, I have to ask you to teach her.”


It was out of the ordinary to say such things, Jiang Jingchuan thought in his heart, “Mom, Xiaoyan is very good, our whole family is very good.
I like her very much.”


Mama Su felt comforted hearing this, and kept saying, “That's good, that's good.”


    Jiang Jingchuan originally wanted to tell Mama Su about Su Yan's illness, but he swallowed it again.
Now the Su family is having a headache about Su Yun's affairs.
He also knows Su Yan's position in the Su family.
It is not a trivial matter for her to be ill, don't be so troublesome.


    Mama Su told Jiang Jingchuan to pay attention to his body several times, just like his own mother, and finally hung up the phone.

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    Jiang Jingchuan's good mood lasted until he entered the office and then stopped abruptly, because Wang Siqi was waiting for him in the reception room, and this time he couldn't escape.


    If Wang Siqi was not a suspicious person who would destroy his marriage, Jiang Jingchuan would still be happy to be her friend.


To be precise, Jiang Jingchuan maintains this principle when interacting with people, except for his best friends.
As long as it doesn't damage his life, everything can be done.


    Obviously, Wang Siqi was no longer on the list of his friends now.
Jiang Jingchuan doesn't know what others will think of this move.
Anyway, he felt that the friendship between him and Wang Siqi was not deep.
Now facing such a suspicious person, If you don't stay away and wait from her and make a fool of yourself, it would be really stupid.


    He was in the mood to solve Shen Peiran out, that was because Shen Peiran and Su Yan did have a past.


    But what was between him and Wang Siqi? Nothing at all!


    Jiang Jingchuan thought that he would just let it go.
Wang Siqi didn't look stupid.
He would always think clearly.
It would be nice to say hello in the future.
Now that she appeared in his office again, Jiang Jingchuan felt helpless, and a little bored.

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    Seeing Jiang Jingchuan coming, Wang Siqi got up and walked towards him, smiling and said, “Are you back? I saw you showing off your love in the circle of friends before, and I happened to pass by here today.
I didn't expect your assistant to say that you would come today, so I came to check.”


    She spoke in such a natural tone and expression that Jiang Jingchuan almost thought that what happened in his office that day was a hallucination.


He retracted his hand so as to not hit the smiling face, Jiang Jingchuan just nodded lightly and said nothing.


    Wang Siqi couldn't take it anymore, bit his tongue lightly, and smiled even more happily, “Are there any gifts?”


    Jiang Jingchuan stared at her and shook his head, “No.”


    He was never the type to travel to a place.
Just buy a lot of local specialties, and come back and distribute them to relatives and friends.


    Even if he went abroad, he would at most bring some gifts to his family, which Sui Sheng did not receive.


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    Wang Siqi also knew that he would not bring it, and he did not expect him to bring it, so he smiled and said, “If you didn't bring a gift, would you like to have dinner together?”


    Jiang Jingchuan admired Wang Siqi a little, but he could not do anything the same, and continued to follow him with ulterior motives.
Being a friend, yes, she has ulterior motives.
Jiang Jingchuan would never put a time bomb by his side.
He said solemnly, “Siqi, I'm married now, so I'm afraid I can't have dinner with you.”


    Wang Siqi The corners of his mouth twitched, “Isn't that true? You don't want friends after you get married?”


    “No.” Jiang Jingchuan put one hand in his trousers pocket, and his smile was very light, “I think after marriage, there are two types of opposite sex.
One is that we can continue to communicate, and the other is that we need to keep a distance.”


    Wang Siqi didn't expect Jiang Jingchuan to be so direct, she restrained her smile and asked, “Then who am I?”


  “Siqi, I can tell you frankly that my wife and I have a very good relationship.
No matter what she did in the past, it is the past for me.
If someone wants to threaten her with her past, or me, I will take care of them.” Jiang Jingchuan didn't understand what Wang Siqi was thinking, if he liked her, he would have been together 800 years ago.
Could it be that she wanted to make a fuss about Su Yan and Shen Peiran?


    Funny or not? The reason why he was able to reconcile with Su Yan meant that he didn't care at all.
Didn't she think about what she could find out, he could find it out too?


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Some women always like to see men as fools, which Jiang Jingchuan especially disliked.


    Wang Siqi thought to herself, it's all for the sake of it.
She pretended to be a friend again, which was a little hypocritical, so she stopped covering it up, and looked at Jiang Jingchuan a little unwillingly, “So what? You want to tell me that the most important thing is her? Do you want me to stop daydreaming?”


    “No.” Jiang Jingchuan said coldly: “It has nothing to do with you, what you dream about has nothing to do with me, I only have one thing, that is, don't try to do anything to test my bottom line.”


    “That's good.” Wang Siqi also decided to break the jar.
Jiang Jingchuan's attitude was obvious enough.
He would not be friends with her in the future, and he might not even pay attention to her anymore.
She simply made herself happy, got up and picked up the bag, smiled at Jiang Jingchuan, “I just wanted to see what your bottom line is.”


    Jiang Jingchuan suddenly stopped her when she was leaving, “Wang Siqi, even if there is no Su Yan, it will not be you, so don't waste your time on me, and don't do anything stupid, because I really have no patience for other women.”


    Wang Siqi smiled and left without looking back.


    He was impatient, of course she knew.


    It's just that she doesn't have the patience to play a supporting role anymore.

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