Your Mine….

Chapter 2: Sweetheart

A cab moving from the airport, driver who is driving glanced at the passenger from time to time. Seeing the man closed his eyes from the rear mirror in front of him, he thought

I have seen him somewhere…., where?… why don I remember… ahh he sighed

Cab driver had a good memory, he always used to remember the persons face if he sees him once, but today after racking his brain he couldn find out where he had seen this man before.

The driver cleared his throat and cough slowly while seeing the person at the backseat through the rear mirror in front of him. The passenger was still closing his eyes but a while later he opened his eyes and said

”What? You don remember me? ” he chuckled

The driver was dumbfounded, he didn expect the passenger could see through his thoughts, he came to his sense I next second amd slowly opened his mouth saying

”Yes sir ”

The man at the passenger seat laughed and said

”Hahahahaha… I didn know what has got into you that you didn recognise me. Do you have an amnesia recently David ”

The driver was shocked by hearing his name but still working hard on his brain to remember who the person is.

As soon as the driver reached the destination, he saw a huge gate in front of him, the driver was a bit shocked by seeing the images on the gate. there was a world map it had all the sculptures of the famous kings and queens on it. He had passed by this mansion several times before while sending his passengers to their respective destinations, but today, he saw it clearly today with full attention.

Now he remembered as to when he met him, it was a day when he had to pass by the gate, at a fair distance he saw a small puddle in which a puppy was struggling to get out of it but failing repeatedly. he stopped his car moving ahead of the puddle to a short distance, got out of it.

Before he could reach the puddle, a person had already picked it up and was washing it with a jug of water in his other hand. It was difficult for him to hold the puppy with one hand as its slippery due to all the slimness of the mud.

David helped him voluntarily to clean the puppy and dried it with a cloth which he brought along while coming out of the car.

The person smiled at David, told him to wait and moved to the opposite direction with the puppy. After a while he returned with a travelling bag and told him to take to the airport as he is about to leave the country for his further study.

At that time,he had his hair spiked, his wore bright coloured shirt with flowers and a red pant, in total he looked liked the one who has no fashion sense at all.

While driving David saw his frowning face from the rear mirror, he was frowning often and David asked him out of curiosity and also worried as to why this person is frowning often while looking at his laptop

”What happened sir, you look disturbed? ”

The person took a deep breath and said

”Theres a problem with the network I think ”

David knew that in this area there will never be any problem with the network or Wi-Fi as it is the main area of the business and they were not far from the airport.

How can that be David thought and said hesitatingly while parking his car at the side

”Sir, may I have a look ” he gulped and continued

”Only if you insist ”

The person frowned, he looked at his watch he still had forty minutes to his flight and said to David

”You have fifteen minutes to have a look ”

David nodded his head,got out of rhe car along with the person who later handed his laptop.

David looked leisurely at the laptop and he solved the issue in just five minutes. The person was impressed

”Wow how did you do that, whats your name?

”Sir my name is David, am a master computer science, so it was not a big deal ”

”David, nice name, wait for my return, Ill get to you soon ”

David just nodded his head and they both got back in the car and headed to the airport. At present when he heard the gate open he got out of his trance and looked up.

When the gate rolled like a ball at the side he was in an awe as he had never seen or even imagined as it opens in that way. At first glance nobody can say that it opened in that way.

When he drove inside, he saw a huge villa with a garden on either side of the way with beautiful flowers around. He could even smell the wetness of the soil along with the sweet scent of the flowers.It felt like heaven.

David stopped at the entrance, but the person didn seem to get down, so he called out

”Sir we are here ”

The person saw at the door which was ajar, he could here the voice from inside, he lowered his head and smiled lightly. He took a card from his pocket, while handing it to David he said

”Meet me tomorrow, at nine in the morning ”

The person got out of the car, paid him and went inside.David saw the card and the name of the person, Stanley William. He saw that the person had paid him more, so he took the change from his car and went back to the door.

When Stanley reached the hall, he saw his parents were chasing a girl who was grinning sheepishly at them. She was heading towards him and slipped in front of him as she tried to stop forcibly but failed.

Stanley held the girl in his arms by her waist, he was dumbfounded by her beauty and forgot about his surroundings for a moment.


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