Your Mine….

Chapter 6: Rude Doctor

Stanley could imagine how horrible the cooking could be but without breaking his sisters words he listened carefully.

Miya continued ” you know thats it for Rita, she was so sad that she didn come back for almost fifteen days. Mom was so angry with dad and she let him sleep on the sofa in the living room. At last, dad went to college to coax her to come back, and from that day onwards Rita never tried to learn to cook ”

Then she turned several pages of the album and pointed at the photo which had a sad face with dark rosy cheeks and bland makeup, it looked weirder from the ghost look in TV or cinemas and asked with a playful voice

”Guess who is this? ”

Stanley looked carefully while laughing hard and said pointing his finger to the door

”This… hahahahaha…. this is… ”

”Yes, you
e right.. hahahahaha this is Karl. Come let me show you something ”

Saying this Miya pulled Stanley downstairs and looked around, then pulling Stanley at her back she slowly moved towards the kitchen area and peeked inside the kitchen. She saw that Mary was making cookies while Rita was sitting at the kitchen counter eating an apple.

Miya turned towards Stanley and put her finger on her lips saying not to make a sound. Then she came back to the living room and shouted

” Mom, have you seen Karl? ”

”No Miya I haven seen him since long, since Stanley is here Ill give him a call and tell him to have dinner with us ”

”Ok mom ” Miya replied to her mother and then went near Stanley, pulled him upstairs and said

”See that, they don even know that Karl was here ”

Stanley was surprised and said

”You mean he came and went back sneaking ”

”Yes and you just heard that mom want to call him for dinner because she knows that he won come back at day time as there will be a chance to encounter Rita ”

Stanley said, ” He can refuse their request as well.. ”

Miya interrupted him and said

”Its not easy to refuse Rita, she knows all the tactics to make a person obey her ”

”Is that so? ” the confused Stanley asked

Later he went to join the company, he met David and made him his personal assistant. He didn meet his dad in the company and as it was his first day he left the company early in the afternoon.

When Stanley came home, there was no one in the house. When he asked the maid who was leaving after her duty and came to know that his mother and sister went out for shopping. After some time he saw his father enter the house with a pale face and hands on his shoulders and pressing it heavily from time to time and moving his head backwards with heavy sighs time to time. Stanley got worried seeing his fathers condition so he asked

”What happened, dad? ”

”Nothing son its just that my shoulders are paining like hell! ” his dad answered sitting by his side on the sofa in the living room with a painful voice

”Did you see the doctor? ” worried Stanley asked

”Yes, I just returned from the clinic ” his father answered looking for his wife.

Stanley knew what he was looking for and told him that his mother and sister went for shopping with Rita

His father nodded and said with a heavy face while standing up and walking unsteadily to his room

”Ill go and take a rest for a while ”

”Ok, if you need anything just call me, ” Stanley said to which his father nodded his head and moved towards his room and closed the door.

Seeing his fathers pale face Stanley quickly went after his father and asked what he wants to eat so that he can take medicines.

Stanley prepared some food, went to his father and coaxed him to eat with great difficulty so that, he can take a rest after taking his medicines.

After an hour, Miya and Mary came back with smiles on their face. Seeing Stanley sitting on the sofa in the living room with his head on the back and eyes closed, they thought that he was feeling bored. Miya slowly tiptoed to her brother, while facing her mother with a finger on her lips. She moved to the back of the sofa and closed her brothers eyes.

He had fallen asleep on the sofa waiting for them, he sensed something in his eyes and opened his eyes taking out his sisters hand. It was already dark outside and so was in the living room, there was the light from the garden lamp post peeking from the windows, his mother switched on the light and asked

”Its already late, did you have your dinner? What about your father, hes not back yet? ” she said looking around

”Ya mom, dad is back and we both had dinner. ”

”Ok then Ill go take a look at your father ”

”Mom, dad is not feeling well ”

Shocked by her sons words she asked him again

”Why what happened suddenly? Did you call the doctor? ”

”Mom, hes said that his shoulders are painting and while coming back he had gone to the clinic. Don worry, I had him have his medicine and hes now sleeping ”

Mary nodded her head as she rushed towards her room worried for her husband. Miya too followed her.

Inside the room, as soon as Mary opened the door, she heard her husbands moaning with pain. She quickly moved towards him and sat beside her sleeping husband. He had his eyes closed as if he is sleeping but now and then he would scrunch his eyebrows and moan with pain.

The room was soundproof, so earlier Stanley didn hear any noise as the door was shut. Now when he was about to go reach the stairs to go back to his room, he heard his fathers hurtful voice and his legs automatically turned towards his parents room.

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