Ken was getting ready to meet with his girlfriend Rebecca when he heard. knock on the door, he was skeptical on if it was Rebecca because he got off the phone with her no so long ago.

How did she get here so fast he said to himself. Ken readjusted his clothes before opening the door thinking Rebecca was outside but on opening the door he found a gloomy Riko at the door.

Although he was disappointed that Riko was the one at the door he asked Riko to coming sensing that his friend had a bad day .

Ken checked the time on his watch and said shouldn you be at work, this made Riko remember all that happened previously. I know hope I didn come at the wrong time, it seems you where on your way out said Riko still sad and gloomy. Its ok its nothing really answered Ken.

Riko then explained all that transpired back at work, Ken was angered but he knew that he couldn do anything to James at moment.

Ken – Riko I also think you should leave town A , if I heard you correctly James is not done with you , he might do something worse than making you lose your job if you keep staying here , you need to go somewhere out of his reach.

Riko – why does everyone keep telling me to leave town for that brat, I am not leaving because of him or because he is the vice mayors son, to hell with him.

Ken knew how stubborn Riko was so he decided to keep an eye on him in case James comes back to make trouble.

Rebecca walked in on them and noticed the gloomy atmosphere and she also asked if she interrupted anything. No not at all said the boys.

Rebecca in a quest to lighten the mood took the boys to a restaurant nearby where they ate like there was no tomorrow.

The day ended with the trio playing games and chatting also they all got tummy aches because they ate too much.


Back to the present-

The incident with James goons prompted ken to persuade Riko into leaving town , Riko wanted to refuse but ken won take no for an answer.

Riko POV – after the long night of hiding from the goons Ken has being trying to make me leave, since he thinks the goons will come back for me . Ken even got a bus ticket to city D for me even Rebecca wanted me to leave immediately after hearing about the whole incident.

Alas I agreed to leave, as much as I wanted to stay , I have to go. If it wasn for Ken who helped me hide from those goons I would be in the possession of James, the very thought if him touching me disgusted me, I would rather die than have him come close to me.

Rebecca helped me pack my belongings and she also escorted me to the bus stop.

Ken and even princess from the cafe came to greet me goodbye.

First he made me lose my job and now I have to leave because of him. It seems luck is not in my side these days

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