I wish I had another option but I have to face reality. I settled into my seat on the bus and brought out my phone to listen to the song universe by BTS to help me calm my raging emotions but a group of girls started talking loudly about some billionaire, they even squealed when they looked at his pictures, they talked non-stop about making him their boyfriend and some other fangirling gibberish.

Before I totally ignored them I heard say the name lex. I plugged in my earphones right after and pretended that they didn exist.

Meanwhile in country B –

A certain secretary almost peed her pants when she saw the look on the bosss face, she started regretting ever secretly taking and posting photos of him, she knew that she was screwed so she pleaded with him but it all ended on deaf ears.

Liam seeing the security throwing out his elder brothers supposed secretary wasn so surprised since this was the fourth time this month that he is firing his secretary. Liam entered the office and stared at his brother who causes turmoil in all hearts.

Lex POV – the sight of the girl that was employed as my secretary two days ago angered me, people like her don know how to respect other peoples privacy, she tried pleading but I gave her a cold shoulder fed up of her antics I called the security to come throw her out .

I went back to work when my little brother came in and stared at me like I had something on my face. What do you what I asked him, if you have nothing to say leave.

Ok no need to be so worked up said Liam and I glared at him in return. Mom said I should give this to you Liam said passing me a brown envelope.

I didn need to open it to know that she wasn me to go on a blind date. Are you just going to stand there looking like a fool, if you have nothing else to say leave immediately I told Liam after noticing that he was still in my office.

I just wanted to see her picture, you don have to be all possessive already said Liam, in return I gave him a cold glare and hoped that he got the message that Ill make his life miserable if he stays any longer.

luckily he got the message since he left sulking like a lost puppy. My phone rang two minutes later , I picked knowing that only my parents call on this number.

lex – hello

Mrs Skyler – hey dear sorry to disturb you but I want to ask if youve gotten the envelope yet.

lex – yes I did mom

Mrs Skyler – ok, it contains information on Stephanie walker the daughter of my childhood friend, shes a really good girl I know you won check the contents of the envelope.

lex – I can go I am busy

Mrs Skyler – please go even if it doesn work out between both of you, if it it doesn work out I won disturb you anymore.

lex – fine, bye mum

Mrs Skyler – bye baby

I checked my schedule and realsed I had a business meeting in country S so I called Liam to book me a flight . After an hour I got up and left the office and as usual all eyes where on me like I was on exhibition, I treated them all as air, I got into the car trying to avoid any crazy fans.

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