sea of blood

Chapter 6: The Mighty

Chapter 5: In a world

After the specialist finished explaining everything, everyone present came out except for Isaac, who remained seated

The specialist approached Isaac with a sigh, well, poor man

Al Rayyan Cobra invites you to join his crew.

Isaac shook his head.

They mumble Isaac let me think

The specialist sighs, you fool, the money of this time is time, so don waste my money and money thinking too much

Nadir Isaac, my specialist, calmly, you are right, and you have the right to invest in his future

The specialist did not respond

Well, I accept this Cobras offer, said Isaac Bi Hazm

The specialist extended a small boat B rather a toy in the form of a boat

Isaac asked what is this?

My specialist replied, Lamblatt, this is a boat made by Al-Sabah, the most famous boat maker. When the owner of the boat thinks about something, the boat disarms. For example, for me to do it, you must disassemble it, or if you want to turn right or left, and other such things, just think about it.

The specialist and Isaac came out to me port Isaac grabbed me the boat The specialist asked Isaac to put a drop of his blood on the boat for me to attach to him

And Isaac was actually able to activate it for me to move the boat with me the size of a boat that can accommodate me four men

Hand out a piece of paper to the specialist. Take this is a map of a sea of ​​blood. You must also put a drop of your blood in it for me so that it will appear on the map. Next, you will know where you are.

do everything

The specialist looked at me indifferently, you poor child. Go to this point. He said that while pointing to me a green dot on the map.

Isaac got on the boat and we set off. The boat was going with me without an engine and I didn start. I just had the idea of ​​Isaac. The boat set off.

The specialist sighed, This patient is really clever, and I was wondering why he was saying in his mind a potato in a skirt dancing over a dinosaur carrying a bazooka.

The specialist sighs, Im starting to feel hungry, I haven eaten for three days, and he says that he threw me a cup of coffee

Half an hour later, Isaac reached the green point

They were phrases of a huge green ship twice the size of Uncle Isaacs ship, and also had dark purple sails with little white stripes.

Suddenly Isaac found himself standing on the ship

I looked back, young men to me, Isaac, and I looked sharp

Isaac ignored those looks

A young man turned to me, Isaac. His eyes were blue, like the eyes of a dead person, with an iron nose. Rather, he looked like a robot even in his gait.

The young man said, ”Follow me, ” but a young mans voice came up saying, ”It is the robbery boy. ” Who is this? The bot looked at me. The young man continued his way, followed by Isaac. He entered a room in which was an office. A man stood out from the darkness, huge, brown, with a giant black beard, with a sprinkling of white, reverent. Isaac was like An ant in relation to him. The strange thing is that he wears a hat made of iron, and he wears five rings in his right hand, some of which light up the place.

A huge man looked at me Isaac going down and up and then he raised seventy

So the robot boy brought out a bucket of water and a dryer, and handed them to Isaac

Isaac looked at the bucket and the dryer for me, and then took them

And he went out of the room and began to clean up. The glances of contempt were directed at Isaac. Isaac did not care about her, and completed his work.

Ten minutes later, the big man came out of his room

Everyone lined up and shouted that one greeted me. Commander Cooper whispered one of them did not come out of his room for me for a week. Shut up or else he heard you. Then one of the young men spoke. Sir. You promised me a salary increase. Cobra showed me a young man.

Is it right I said that?

Here a young man got angry and shouted, ”You pig of the situation! You enslaved us. ” He kept cursing, but suddenly Isaac noticed something in the sky shining in the next shower. The young man fell to the ground to the point of breaking the ground. Isaac turned his head to see.

A man in his thirties standing above, was bald and wearing loose red clothes

And he looks at Isaac with a sharp look

Isaac gave him the look of an idiot who doesn understand what sharp looks are

Cobra looked at me, everyone was cruel to me. Go back to your work. Then he raised his left hand, and the bald man disappeared

Followed by the disappearance of the Cobra

The guys started sighing and breathing

This boy is an idiot or what now who is going to clean up this mess

An hour later, Isaac heard a bell

My guys start a gathering that looks like its lunch time

Look, the boy raised me, Isaac. Its lunch time

Sit at table number 7

Isaac went to table 7 and sat down

Everyone was eating me fast

And some of them ate pieces of meat, and some of them ate pieces of bread

The robot boy gave me a piece of bread

Isaac started eating a piece of bread without even complaining. He was poor

After two bites, the bell rang and the food exploded

Isaac Hatta did not finish the piece of bread

Then everyone went back to work

Isaac kept watching this scene for me

Then he smiled a sinister smile in his mind

Good looks like I found some slaves

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