Asumí opens his eyes and looks at the Ljosalfar

I found Asfangar, we can go now.

A Ljosalfar approaches Asumi and grabs her hand.

Take us with you, our Goddess savior, exclaimed the Ljosalfar who grabbed her hand.

The others approach her and also do so with a smile.

Asumi also does it and teleports them away.


Thairan appears in his room falling on his knees.

Damn, how did I do that? I could have started a war before the time

At that the wall goes up again

Thairan turns his head in confusion to watch.

At that the sages begin to come out little by little.

Thairan doesn understand what is going on, what are the sages doing out here, they usually come out at certain times but never on a day like today, Thairan wondered in his head.

At that moment the sages stop, one of them, who was carrying a staff, takes a step forward.

He observes Thairan for a few seconds and stamps the staff against the ground.

Thairan you failed as a leader, now you will be sentenced to death.

Thairan stands up confused and looks at them.

They were all hooded, the one in front was the only one with a staff and a book in both hands.

Thairan knew what this meant, he had already prepared himself, so he just laughs.

You think its a joke to have failed your people? To be a failure, ” shouted the sage with the staff seriously.

Thairan just looks at him and stops laughing

And what the ** am I supposed to fail at? I did everything perfectly, no other leader has done or will do what I did, I even avoided a war with Asumi, you guys should be on your knees begging for thanks!

The sages began to laugh in mockery.

Asumi managed to read your mind now she knows the same as you, what it means to know our defenses and attacks, and the most important thing…. Her future, now she knows what awaits her, exclaimed the sage with the staff.

So what? What will change whether she knows it or not? Because as far as I am concerned there will be no change and Asumi is not interested in our stupid quarrels with the other Gods, exclaimed Thairan looking at the staff.

The staff was made of wood with a red aura visible on the last upper part of the staff, in turn this aura turned the eyes of its wielder red.

Surrender and we will allow your head to be in the pond, exclaimed a sage.

So thats what happened to the other leaders, you killed them, now I understand, I guess the dead are you now, ” said Thairan with a smile.

The sages were confused by these strange words, which made no sense to them.

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