what happend after death

Do you know what heaven and hell are?

he said. Inspiration of Christianity ”Qal Labhiyyah Al-Salib ” By God, therein is your salvation. If you believe in it. So I will return you to my family. And I will bring back your soul. Speak quickly. Time is running out. I realized it was Satan. Whatever pain I was feeling at that time. And no matter how much he suffered. But despite this, he had firm faith in Allah and His Messenger. I said to him, go, enemy of Allah. I have lived in the state of Islam. And I will die as a Muslim. His color turned yellow. He said that your salvation lies in whether you die as a Jew or a Christian. Otherwise I will increase your suffering. And I will seize your soul. I said. Death is not in your hands. whatever. I will die in the state of Islam.

Meanwhile he looked up. And ran away as soon as he saw it. I felt as if someone had scared him. Suddenly I saw people with strange faces and huge bodies. He came from heaven and said. Peace be upon you, I said. After that they were silent. And did not say a word. They had shrouds. I realized that my life was over. A great angel came to me from among them. And he said, “Eitha nafs al-Mutsimitima ukharji ali maghifrah min Allah wa rdwan (O good soul, come forth to Allahs forgiveness and His pleasure)

Hearing this, I was not happy. I said, I am the angel of Allah.

He took my soul. I was feeling like that now. Like Im between sleep and reality. It felt like I was being lifted up from my body to heaven. I looked down. So found out. That people are standing around my body and they have covered my body with a cloth. One of them said. To Allah we belong and to Him we shall return.

I saw two angels. That they are receiving me. And they are taking me upstairs in a shroud. I looked left and right. So I saw nothing but the horizon. I was being led from height to height. We went through the clouds. Like Im sitting in a plane. Even the whole earth looked like a ball to me. I asked those two angels, will Allah admit me to heaven? He said that the knowledge of this belongs to Allah Taala. We are only entrusted with the responsibility of taking your soul. And we are responsible only for Muslims. Some other angels who had a spirit passed by us. And it smelled like that. I have never smelled such a great fragrance in my life. I asked the angels in amazement. who is If I didn know. That the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, has passed away from this world. So I would say that it will be their soul. He said that this is the soul of a Palestinian. Who was killed by the Jews a little while ago. While he was defending his religion and country. His name is Abu Labad. I said. I wish I would die as a martyr.

After that some other angels passed by us and had a spirit with them. From which there was a strong smell. I asked who is it? They said this is a Hindu who worships idols and cows. Whom Allah Taala killed with his punishment a little while ago. I thanked. Thank you. At least I am dead Muslim. I said. I have read a lot about the journey to the hereafter. But this is what is happening. I never imagined it. They said. Thank you Muslim dead. But now you have a long journey ahead of you. And there are countless stages.

After that we passed by a huge group of angels. And we saluted them. They asked who is this?

The two angels beside me replied, that it is a Muslim. Who had an accident a while ago. And Allah commanded us to seize his soul. They said. There is good news for Muslims. Because these are good people. I asked the angels. Who are these people they said. These are the angels. Who protect the sky. And from here they keep throwing meteors at the devils. I said this is a very great creation of Allah Taala. They said there are angels greater than them. I asked who are they? They said Gabriel and the angels who carried the throne. And all these creatures are such that they do not obey the command of Allah Taala.

La Yasoon Allah Ma Amrham and Yaflun Ma Yumron. Al-Tahreem (They do not disobey any command given by Allah and carry out what is commanded).

After that, we continued to climb higher until we reached the sky above the world. At that time I was in a state of fear and anxiety that I did not know what would happen next. I found the sky very big and there were doors inside it. The doors were closed and there were angels at those doors. Whose bodies were very large. 2 The angels said. Salam Alaikum and Rahmatullah and I repeated the same words with him. The other angels replied and said, Peace be upon you, may Allah have mercy on you and bless you. And they said. By the grace of the angels of mercy, it must be a Muslim. The angel next to me said. Yes, it is Muslim. They said you can come in. Because the gates of heaven open only for Muslims. There is a command of Allah regarding the disbelievers. (La Tafatah Lahum Aboub Al-Samaa) The gates of heaven will not open for the disbelievers.

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