what happend after death

Virtues live forever, sins sink

When we got inside, we saw many strange things. Then we moved forward and started climbing further. Up to 6, the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and finally all seven reached the sky. This sky appeared bigger than all the other skies like a huge ocean. The angels were saying: God bless you and grant you peace

A great fear fell upon me. Head down and tears flowed. Allah Taala has decreed about me. That the deed of this servant of mine should be written in the name of the alien. And take it back to earth. For I created them from the earth. In this they will return. And once again I will raise them from the same ground. intense fear In a mixture of awe and joy, I said. The Lord is pure. But we did not serve you. Which should have happened. Subhanak Ma Abdnak Haq Ibadak

The angels took me back to earth. And wherever they passed by, they went to greet the other angels. I asked him on the way. Can I know about my body and family?

They said. You will see your body soon. But as far as your family is concerned. Their goodness will continue to reach you. But you cannot see them.

After that they brought me to the ground. And said now you stay with your body. Our work is done.

Now other angels will come to you in the grave, I said. May Allah reward you well. Will I ever see you again? They said. Day of Resurrection. And with that, fear fell upon them. Then he said. If you come out of the people of Paradise. So we will be together. God willing

I asked what I saw. And listen. Is there any doubt that I will go to heaven even after this? They said. Allah knows best about your going to heaven. That is because you are dead Muslims. But you must deal with the appearance and balance of deeds.

I remembered my sins and asked to cry loudly.

They said. Be kind to your Lord. Because he never wrongs anyone. After that he saluted. And quickly rose upwards.

I looked at my body, my eyes were closed. And around me my brother and father were crying. After that water was poured on my body. So I found out that I was being bathed. Their crying used to hurt me. And when my father used to pray that Allah may have mercy on you. So this word of his gave me relief. After that a white shroud was brought to my body.

I said in my heart. Alas, I would have ended my body in the way of Allah. I wish I had died as a martyr. I would not spend even an hour without remembering Allah or praying or worshiping Allah. Sorry, sorry. Meanwhile, people picked up my body. I am looking at my body but I can neither go in nor away from it. I was in a strange situation. When I was picked up. So what was painful for me at that time. That was the cry of my family. My heart was longing. I will say to my father, father please stop crying but pray for me. Because your crying is hurting me. If anyone among my relatives would pray for me at that time, I would get relief from that.

I was taken to the mosque. And it was brought down there and I heard that people were starting to pray, I had a strong desire to join them in prayer. I thought how lucky these people are to earn good deeds. While my process is closed.

When the prayer was over, the muezzin announced (assalamu ali al-arqaal yarahmakum Allah) the imam came near me. And started the funeral prayer. I was surprised. That many angels came there. Who were talking to each other that how many people are praying? And how many of them are monotheists who do not associate partners with Allah?

In the fourth takbeer, I saw that the angels were writing something. I guessed that they were writing the prayers of the people. At that time, a desire arose in my heart that the Imam should make this rakah longer. Because I was getting a strange relief and server from peoples prayers. The prayer ended and I was picked up and taken to the graveyard. On the way, some people were praying and some were crying. And I was shocked and worried that I did not know what was going to happen to me. I have all my sins and mistakes and oppression and the hours of neglect that I spent in the world. One thing was coming up. He was in a state of intense fear.

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